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To setup and configure OpenGrok please refer to or README.txt in the distribution.

You can replace this block of text (in index_body.html) with some more useful information about your source tree and its organization, with direct links to key parts of code base.

Mirror SCM Type: Parent (branch) Current version
cmake git: (master)N/A
core git: (master)N/A
cpython Mercurial: (default)2017-01-04 21:53 +0100: af 2017-01-04 21:53 +0100: af363b5200ff Xavier de Gaye <> Issue #26851: Merge 3.6. show more ...
GLEAN git: gitpatmarion:GLEAN.git (v2)N/A
ParaView git: git:// (master)N/A
ParaViewSyncIOReaderPlugin git: (master)N/A
petsc git: (master)N/A
phasta Subversion: N/A (N/A)N/A
phasta-github git: (master)N/A
phasta-SCOREC git: (master)N/A
phastaChef git: (master)N/A
phParAdapt-Kedar Subversion: (N/A)N/A